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UseMyBank is an online company who has a goal of providing a logical and practical alternative to the current online payment methods that are being offered in the market today. They have been able to do this by streamlining and making less complicated the process of online consumers paying for their chips at online casinos using their current Financial Services Institution. At UseMyBank, the highest level of management has well over thirty years of experience in the Financial Services field, its applications, solutions and payment methods.
The founders of UseMyBank wanted to develop this company because they knew that the Financial Services sector is always in need for a company that has the ability to stay ahead of the game. As the systems and inner-workings of the current alternative payments options become more and more difficult to use and understand, they are leaving the online companies who are looking for service providers out in the cold. These companies are looking for service providers that can give them all of the basic components that they are looking for, and who can offer them bundled in such a manner that they are easily chosen and paid for with easy to understand terms.

The people behind UseMyBank are able to offer a modern and secure payment option alternative for all online transactions that is both immediate and that uses the bank you currently are affiliated with. UseMyBank’s Automated Online Payment Interface offers you the power to buy your online casino credits and to make your payments at your bank’s web site. For their Sellers and Affiliates, UseMyBank offers an Automated Clearing and Settlement system that offers them the chance to accept wire transfers, checks, and lots of other methods as payment. UseMyBank also offers a simple to read and use summary, detailed reporting and management tools so that their services can be used to the fullest extent of their capabilities.

Most of the other alternative online payment options tend to focus only on utilizing the most basic of Industry Standards, including such things as OFX, XML, JPOS, and a few others, or (and possibly worse) they insist on using or on using a proprietary connection to each individual Financial Institution using basic Interface Standards (ISO 8583). Instead of going through all of the red tape that the above methods involve, UseMyBank uses the functions and capabilities of the customer’s existing Financial Institution’s online systems and they do it in real-time. Consumers can make transactions from their Checking Account, their Savings Account or even their Credit Card Account. Most of the other alternate online payment methods out there make the consumer disclose their Credit Card, banking account information, and/or other forms of personal and very traceable markers. UseMyBank sees absolutely no reason for requiring so much information. They can use the same systems in use by banks and other “brick and mortar” or land-based businesses on a day to day basis.

The best feature of UseMybank is that when you use your account to buy anything online, that payment is instantly applied. Its just like paying a bill online using your bank except for the fact that you don’t have to wait for confirmation because everything is instant.

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