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Taking Odds ( free odds, single odds, double odds ) Vs Giving Odds

Playing Craps can sometimes be very intimidating but you shouldn’t let that happen. The game is relatively easy after you actually get your hands on it and start playing. There are certain bets that are great for beginners and some that you should probably stay away from until you are more familiar with the game. One of the most profitable things that you can learn about in this game is taking odds. This is a very simple thing to do that can end up winning you a lot of money in the long run, but you aren’t told about this when you start to play. Nowhere on the table will you find an explanation of free odds or the availability of free odds. This is a bet that you have the option of making in addition to the pass line bet that you have made, but you can only do it once a point has been decided. The reason that this is such a good bet is because the casino will pay you true odds 2 to 1 on the 4 and 10, 3 to 2 on the 5 and 9, and 6 to 5 on the 6 and 8. Yes, I know this doesn’t make much sense if you are new to the game so here is how it really works. If you have a ten-dollar bet on the pass line on the come out roll and the dice land on a 10, that number becomes the point number. Now if the dice land on the 10 again before they land on a 7 you will win even money on your pass line bet (ten dollars) but lets say you made an odds bet of ten dollars in addition to you original line bet you would have been paid twenty dollars to your original ten.

Giving odds in Craps is a little bit different, before you can make this bet can be made a don’t pass line bet or don’t come bet has to be made. There is only a slight different between taking odds and giving odds, if you are giving odds on a don’t pass line bet you are basically making a bet that a 7 will be rolled before the dice land on the point number. If the 7 is rolled before the point you are paid out (pay depending on the point number). If the point is a 4 or 10 you are paid 1 to 2, 5 or 9 you are paid 2 to 3, 6 or 8 you are paid 5 to 6. So you can tell that these types of bets are very smart to make because when you make them you are lowering the house edge to a very low amount, less than 1%.

Above is explained how to take or give single odds, but at some casinos you can also take double odds, which is betting twice what your pass or don’t pass line bet is. You can also make what is called free odds bets, which means that after the point is established you can make a bet on either the pass or don’t pass line.

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