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Right Bettors versus Wrong Bettors

In the game of Craps you are considered to be one of two types of bettors, you are either a wrong bettor or a right bettor. You are said to be a right bettor when you bet that the point will be rolled before a seven gets rolled. And you are a ‘wrong bettor’ when you bet that the seven will be rolled before a point is established. Most of the players that bet on the Craps game are right bettors, you can see this when you walk into any casino and see people standing around the table yelling and laughing. The reason that so many people usually like to bet this way is because it is the way of the crowd, if you are in a land based casino and you bet with the shooter you are going to be able to join in all of the fun because when he wins you win it is just natural to want to bet that way.

In the same aspect many people who bet wrong are hated by people at the table because if you are the wrong bettor then you are the only won excited when the shooter misses his or her point. No matter which bet that you decide to make you have the same privileges of anyone else at the table but in different times. Right bettors can make free odds bets after a point has been made on the pass and come bets just as wrong bettors can on their don’t pass and don’t come bets. There is however a small difference, when a right bettor makes a bet on free odds they pay true odds at 6 to 5 if the point is a 6 or 8, 3 to 2 if the point is a 5 or 8 and 2 to 1 if the point is a 4 or a 10. If the point is a 6 a winning wager of $10 will get a right bettor $20 if the shooter makes that point. Here is the difference the wrong bettor has to lay the odds, which means that if the point established is a 8 they don’t bet $10 to make $20 they do the opposite they bet $20 to win $10.

I know this doesn’t seem to make much sense, it is this way because the odds favor the wrong bettors after a point has been decided. If the free odds are to be a no edge bet on the wrong bettor side the players must see the house odds and not the other way around. When you see all of this in writing and not in an actual game it all seems very confusing which is why we recommend that you go into an online casino that will allow you to play for free before you start to wager your own money. This way you can try betting on both sides and see what the differences are.

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