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Proposition ( Center ) Bets - Any Craps ( 2, 3 and 11 ) Any 7, 11 or 3 12, or 2 Hornbet, Horn High Bet C and E, Hop Bet

One of the most commonly used bets in Craps would be the Proposition Bets. There are several types of bets within the Proposition bet itself, including the Any Craps, Any seven, C & E, Horn, and Hop bets. Each of them having their own odds, best times to use, and strategies for using them. Proposition bets are all one-roll bets. People usually like to play Prop bets because they have multiple ways to win on just one bet, but if you win you usually will lose the other part of the bet. Once you learn about the variety of bets, how they work, and their usage, you will be able to play Craps even better than you do now because you’ll have the knowledge to back-up your game play.

The Any Craps bet is a combined wager for 2, 3, and 12. 'Craps' will be called out by the Stick Man anytime one of the numbers comes up. Your bets on these three numbers should be divisible by 3 since the amounts need to be equal amongst them, otherwise the casino will keep the fractional amount rather than paying it to you.

With the Any Seven bet, this bet is only for the number 7. This bet, however, comes with an enormous house edge. So playing this one will be risky because you have a smaller chance of winning compared to some of the other bets.

The C & E bet combines the Any Craps bet and 11. The two circles on the table used for the bet are used individually. When you win with this bet, you are literally losing one bet to win the other bet. Again, be careful about your bet; make sure it divides out properly. The house edge is pretty ok on this bet.

With the horn bet, your are making a combined by on 2, 3, 11, and 12. The payouts on this bet are really done like you put bets on each separate number, with your entire bet being divided equally amongst them. So be careful not to give a bet the will not be completely divisible by 4-or you may lose some money, you don't want the casino getting that free money from you. However, on a Horn High bet, you will have the sum divided between them, but in a way where there will be no fraction, so not all the bets will be equal.

The Hops bet is a hardly used bet, so it is most of the time not even shown on the table layout. When you play the Hops Bet, you are betting on dice combos, pretty much what will come up on each individual dice. You just pick the two number you think will show up and tell the dealer, then wait and watch the roll. The harder it is to get the two numbers you want to show, the better the payout on the bet rises. However, the house edge on this bet is still pretty big.

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