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Place and Don't Place Bets

Are you interested in learning about the different bets found in Craps? There are quite a few there, but you should get a good understanding of each type of bet available. Once you know all you can about the bets and how the work, and when then they are best used, you will be able to play intelligently. Then you will be at a better position to win. Two bets that you will be interested in are the Place and Don't Place bets. They are much alike, you can pretty much think of them as being opposites of each other. The Place and Don‘t Place bets are popular amongst the players, especially when played at the same time as other bets. In craps, with the Place and Don't Place bets, you can remove your bet anytime you wish, or reduce it to a smaller amount.

The Place bet can be put on 4,5,6,7,8,10. Anyone of those, anytime. When you use this bet, you are betting for the number you pick and against 7. You win if the number you picked is landed on, but you lose if the 7 shows up. You don't win or lose if any other number shows up, the shooting of the dice just keeps going. The bets for the Place bet are placed down by the dealer into the box for the points, but if you go on the shooter's point with your betting, you put your bet on the line and call out "Placing the Point." However, that bet it mostly for the people who like to play a fast paced game, because this bet is where the house gets it's edge. The lowest house edge can be found on the 6 & 8. You can improve the lesser bets by placing 'buy bets'. If you make your bet on 6 or 8, you should do so in sums of 6 dollars, and on any of the other numbers you should do so in sums of 5 dollars. The house usually doesn't pay the ‘true odds’. With 4 & 10, the house will give a payout of 9-5 where the true odds are 10-5, with a house edge of 6.66 percent. With 5 and 9, the house will pay 7-5, with the true odds being 7.5-5-house edge at 4 percent.

Sometimes, if you are playing both Come bets and Place bets, your bets will end up on the same number. At that time, you should remove your come bet because of the higher house edge on the place bet. You can tell the dealer “Down with odds” if you want to take the odds on your come bet, which is a smart idea in most cases. There are things called Inside and Outside numbers. 5, 6, 8, and 9 are the ‘inside’ numbers, and 4, 5, 9, 10 are the ‘outside’ numbers. You can use the Inside and Outside terms as a quick way of making bets.

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