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Pay Spark


Pay Spark is a popular alternate method of payment that can be used to by credits at several online casinos. This method was created to make purchasing online products, such as credits at online casinos, less confusing , more convenient and a lot easier for consumers. The Pay Spark Internet Payment Account system is a remarkable new banking solution that gives customers the power to buy goods and use services via the Internet using the invitation only Pay Spark system.
Your Pay Spark account is separated into two distinct parts. The ATM Account provides you with simple withdrawals at any Automatic Teller Machine in the whole world using your Infinia ATM card. The Internet Account part of your Pay Spark account is basically an online credit card that helps you to make online purchases hassle free and a whole lot easier than other methods of payment. Pay Spark even makes transferring money between accounts simple, quick and absolutely FREE; making the service so much more useful for each of its customers. Customers do need to be aware that any account that has not been uses for a period of 90 days will incur a $10 per month administration fee; if it is not used for 90 days and does not have a balance, that account will be terminated.

When it comes time to fund your Pay Spark account, you have several convenient options to choose from. These options include Visa Card, MasterCard, a transfer from your Pay Spark ATM Account, and Wire Transfer. There are lots of advantages to using a Pay Spark account. Your Pay Spark account can be used to make all kinds of purchases all over the Internet, there are never any charges for active accounts, and best of all when you have an account balance equaling more than $500 U.S. Dollars you will earn interest of 2% per year on your account. Also, as long as there is money in your account there are no rejections, you are given free online statements, and with Pay Spark you will be given fast payouts with your money being received in 48 hours or less and can easily withdraw your money with your Pay Spark ATM Card.

When you are ready to use your Pay Spark account at any one of their pre-approved websites (any site that displays the Pay Spark logo), all you have to do is to select “Pay Spark” as your method of payment , then enter your Pay Spark information by typing in the account information and enter the amount of money that is required for the purchase that you wish to make. That is all there is to it!

There are a couple legal requirements that need to be met before your account can be activated. You will be asked to fax either a copy of a Government recognized Identity Document, like a driver’s license or a passport , or a copy of one o your utility bills that is less than six months old to verify your mailing address. These are called Due Diligence Documentation.

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