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Pass Line Bets

In the game of Craps, one of the most important bets that you can make is called the Pass Line Bet. A lot of what happens at the table revolves around this bet, and it is the best place to start learning if you are new to the game. Before the game begins the person who is rolling, the dice has got to make a Pass line Bet before they can shoot their Come Out Roll. This is why you will hear that making a Pass Line Bet with the dealer is called betting with the dice.

This is also where the terms right and wrong bettors come from, if you bet with the dice you are known as a right bettor if you bet against the dice (a Don’t Pass Line Bet) you are considered a wrong bettor. These two things are very important to know so that if something is said to you about it you will understand the concept. To place a Pass Line Bet you have to first make sure that there is nobody throwing the dice, you place this bet on the part of the table with a large band on it marked Pass Line, all you have to do is put your bet right in front of you.

Now, make sure that you have the bet in front of you if you are going to make the bet before the point has been established, if you make the bet after the point has been established you will probably have your bet a little further back because you will be paid out a little bit differently. There are several other types of bets that you can make in the game of Craps but when you are a beginner sticking to the Pass Line Bet is probably your best bet because, it is the easiest to learn and has some of the best odds.

When you decide that this is the game for you, there are certain things that you should know before you start to play. First of all this is a great decision because the odds of winning are great and you can have a great time playing. Second, this is not one of the games that you can just walk into and play like a pro, you should always do at least a little bit of research about the game before you jump right in. One of the best ways to learn to play the game is to play it, for fun. This way you aren’t wagering any money but you are getting the experience that you need. If you really look at the table when you are playing, you will notice that most people who play, place bets on either the Pass Line or the Don’t Pass line, because it is the best bet at the table, including taking odds. Now its time for you to try this game out for yourself.

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