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Mini Craps

Mini Craps which is also known as Craps Shoot, is basically the same as regular Craps but it is played while sitting down. The rules and all of the bets are the same as standard craps, the only difference is the table, it is a little bit more than half of the size of a regular table. This type of table seats 8 people instead of the regular 20 and only one dealer operates this game. Mini Craps was developed by two dealers working the night shift who were bored. Since this game table is so short players can reach all of the bet places on the table but the dealer places the bets for them. After each roll is made the dealer will ask every player at the table what bets they want and if they want to take any odds, then they will make the call for no more bets and use a mini stick to pass the dice to the shooter. The shooter still has to make sure that the dice hit the back wall or the roll doesn’t count.

One of the advantages of Mini Craps is that it goes a lot slower than regular Craps, the dealer goes slower and the dice never move until all bets are made, this lets all players relax and have more time to enjoy the game. Since there is only a dealer at the table and not a Boxman the maximum bet at this kind of table are usually a little lower than standard craps, this is there to make high rollers not want to play this game. You know how Mini Craps works now, but if you have never played the standard version of Craps you should know what the rules are.

The beginning of the game is signified by the come out roll, made by the shooter. The shooter wins if they roll a 7 or 11, which is sometimes called a natural, and they lose if they roll a 2, 3, or 12. If the shooter rolls any of the left over numbers they have established a point. To win now they must roll that point again before they roll a 7. The point number does not have to show up in the very next roll, just before another 7 is rolled. If the shooter doesn’t make their point or if they ‘crap out’ the dice get passed to the player to their left for another come out roll and the beginning of a new game.

All of the different types of bets that can be made during Mini Craps are written out on the table, the layout has a space for each different type of bet and if you ever need advice on how to bet or if you have a question about a certain bet you can always ask the dealer who is there to help you and advise you about how to bet that will be most beneficial to you.

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