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How to Win - Winning at Craps

Let me start off by saying I do not trust Craps systems. I think the best way to win at craps is to play the game, watch other players that are winning and more importantly the players who are losing. You can learn a great deal by watching as many games as you can. Play the free online games that most online casinos offer, this will allow you to have hands on experience of the game before you have to start playing with your own money. And read everything you see on playing craps and how to win at craps, there are thousands of sites out there to read and learn from.

While you are learning you must be able to decipher which sites are out to help you and which ones aren’t worth anything. The sites that are there to help will explain the rules for the game and all of the different bets that are available. This site is there to make sure that you make as big a profit and that you have the best time. With that said I will now tell you a good plan to start with, I have found this to work well for me and it is a good place to start if you are a beginner. One of the bets bests that you can make is to place your bet on the Pass Line before the come out throw. Then if the shooter throws a natural or craps, (a natural is 7 or 11 and a craps is 2,3, or 12) bet on the Pass Line again. If a point number is thrown place another bet on the point number. You will get correct odds on the point number the reason for this is that the casino gives true odds when you bet on a Come or Pass line at the same time. Ok now if you want a smaller house edge go with the pass line bet with the don’t come bet and then lay the free odds, this will lower the house edge to under 1%.

Now if you do decide that you want to follow one of the many different systems that are available today on winning at Craps you should find one that you really believe will work for you. The way you bet has a very big roll when it comes to being able to win at Craps. If you look at many different systems make sure that you only use one while you are playing. If you use more than one system at a time chances are that you are going to be contradicting yourself. To win at Craps you must be able to take your time, examine what you are about to do and place your bets with a little bit of knowledge of what the bets mean and what the payouts for those bets are. You don’t want to go into a game and just start throwing bets out on the table.

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