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You have probably played much of the classic casino games on the internet and chances are you really loved them, but there is always that one elusive game that you have wanted to play but never really knew how, Craps. Well now you don’t have to worry about that anymore because after reading this you will know exactly how to play the game, and you can venture in to play and possibly win a great deal of money. The first thing that you have to do is decide from all of the various bet options and place your bet by clicking on the chips on the side of the table and then on the desired place. Now what you have to do is click on the Roll button to start the game, and the dice will be rolled.

If you are not playing online, to place your bet simply put the amount you wish to bet on the spot you wish to bet on, and wait for the shooter to roll the dice, If you happen to the be the shooter then you should make sure that when you roll the dice they at least hit the back wall of the table or the roll doesn’t count. The whole object of the game is for the shooter to establish a point number and then roll that number again before they roll a 7, the only numbers that can be a point is 4, 5,6,8,9 or 10. There are a lot of different types of bets to choose from and the payoffs depend on the probability of the number combination being rolled and the probability of the seven being rolled. All of the players around the table take turns rolling the dice, going clockwise around the table. If your turn comes up and you don’t want to roll the dice you can pass, and let the next person in order take your shot. Each time a new shooter is given the dice their first roll is called the come out roll, this symbolizes the start of the new game. When the shooter loses the game or doesn’t make the point also known as 'Sevening' out it is time for a new shooter, the game continues in the same manner.

On that first roll, the Come Out roll, there are two primary bets, the Pass Line Bet and the Don’t Pass Line Bet, if you bet on the pass line you are betting that the shooter will make their point, and a bet on the Don’t Pass Line is betting that the shooter will seven out. When you know how to play craps, you should know that winning and losing really depends on a large variety of different possible outcomes on any roll of the dice. No matter what point in the game that you are in whether it is before or after the Come Out bet you can jump in and place bets except for the Pass Line bet with odds, it can only be made on the come out roll.

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