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EcoCard is fast becoming one of the most popular forms of alternative payment in online casinos all over the Internet. EcoCard is a Technology Company, based in Europe, that focuses on alternative payment method solutions and processing of those payments. The company has noticed that the way people make and process payments online is changing all the time, and they have set a goal for themselves to build a system that will address those ever-changing needs of e-commerce. The EcoCard provides a secure online payment method that serves as a realistic alternative to using your credit card online while providing top-of-the-line security and privacy so you can feel secure in depositing your money at your favorite casino.

EcoCard Limited is a member of the Com Tec Co Group out of Luxembourg, which is a group of companies with very well known and trusted expertise in financial services, IT and other forms of entertainment ventures. They develop and control the operation of an Internet Payments Processing System (the EcoCard) that has completed hundreds of thousands of transactions since 1998.

EcoCard is a great solution for consumers who want to visit and play at online casinos with the least possible Internet transaction risks, for consumers who want to spend less money to make purchases at online casinos, and it is positively perfect for consumers who wish to remain anonymous online.

The EcoCard company has made several promises to their customers that include fast, safe, and low-cost transaction processing, 100% transaction authorization, 0% operational risk, and absolutely no discrimination in the application process - meaning that anyone can apply for an EcoCard.

Now that there is such a high threat of identity theft, especially online, several people are becoming more and more cautious when using their credit cards online. EcoCard is the perfect solution to this problem. They offer a pre-paid, virtual debit card that uses the most technologically advanced Internet technologies to keep your information safe and private. They are able to provide their customers with the opportunity to make safe online purchases worldwide from anywhere they have internet access.

EcoCard has several great features that really set it apart from other online alternative payment methods. Some of these features include free payment transactions, quick and easy registration and usage, what they call a “No Spare Questions Asked” policy, a huge network of European Banks, rapidly growing network of online casino merchants, and customer service available in several languages. There are also lots of benefits when you use the EcoCard. They offer convenience of use, the ability to use your funds immediately, low costs, complete anonymity since your unique EcoCard Number and Eco User Id is what identifies you, totally secure transactions, acceptance by most online casinos, and no payment rejections.

EcoCard uses a variety of security methods to make sure that your information is always protected. For example, all of your transactions are encrypted from your browser to their website using Secure Sockets Layer protocol (SSL 3.1 (TLS v1.0)) with an encryption key length of 128-bits which is used extensively all over the Internet and is the highest encryption currently available.

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