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Unsure about whether or not you will be able to play craps properly? Now you can learn! Learning little helpful tips to playing craps can be nothing but useful. This way, you can start playing and have an immediate edge to increase your chance of winning at the game of craps. By learning these craps tips, you will improve your game play and your overall enjoyment. Craps is so much fun to play, the people who play craps usually can be found getting really into it, yelling and cheering loudly. Which happens to be one of the reasons this popularity is so large and profound. Who knows what will happen in a craps game? You could possibly hit it big and the whole area will explode in cheers, or you could lose it all and the boos will follow. It’s all lots of fun and you play it if the opportunity ever comes up. And with these tips, you will even have and sharp edge going in!

1. First off, don't try to cheat, because it is very obvious when someone is trying to cheat and you really don't want to be the one who got caught doing it. Also, be careful not to do anything that might look as if you are attempting to cheat.

2. Much like the first one, you should be careful as to what you are doing while the dice are being rolled. You don't want to be accused of cheating, so pay attention to your hands.

3. Keep your head while playing, its easy to get swept away into the game and start doing crazy stuff, like making outrageous bets that you normally wouldn't have made at any other time.

4. Make sure you bring any questions you may have, to the attention of the dealer. It’s quite all right to be unsure of something and need help, that's what they are there for among the other things they do.

5. Make certain that your winnings are picked up and off of the playing area of the table before the game starts again, you don't want them to accidentally be brought into play and possibly lost.

6. Check around before picking out the table you are going to play at, much of the time you will come across a table with a few high bet minimum, usually you will be able to find one within your price range if you look hard enough.

7. Try not to use the proposition bets, they come with a sizeable house edge.

8. One great tip to go by is to play the two best bets in the game of craps. Both of these bets have an house edge lower than 1.5, so knowing how to play the Pass line bet or playing a 6 or 8 is something you should look into.

9. Though it might seem appealing at first, going with the bet where you play on Any Seven is a bad choice. Playing this bet is pretty much just siding with the casino, giving you a payout odd of 4-1 and 5-1, giving the casino a 16% advantage.

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