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Craps Table Felt - Layout

Let me start by saying that the particular component of craps can be a little confusing if not totally mind warping at first. Ok your new to the game and the first thing that hits you is that there is so many places to place your bet on .Relax the layout is not that complicated, look closer at it , when you start playing you will for the most part use the same areas again and again it is not that hard you will see it simply.

A good way I think to get used to the layout and all the betting areas is to watch and learn . Go to a game and watch how others place a few bets , in this way you can see other player putting bets down and watch what happen and to see how and where they place their bets and watch also what happens when the dealer places bets for them when they ask him too. Ok next you will see that the table has the same layout at both ends of the table. The reason for this is to allow as many people around the table as possible with people goes more excitement.

Let us start to play this game. The game starts with what is known as the come out roll with the player also called the shooter, he shoots the dice and if he rolls a seven or a eleven he wins. This is called a natural and if he rolls the dice and hits a 2, 3 or 12 he loses, this kind of roll is what the game is named after craps .Ok lets say the shooter roll 4, 5,6.8,9,10 , this is known as point. If the shooter rolls the point at the come out roll then he has to roll the point again then, a seven to win this game. Ok if they roll a seven before the roll the point will make it a lose. With this the dice passes to the next shooter. Now if the next shooter wants to pass his turn he may, this then goes to the next shooter.

Ok let talk about the crew in the craps game

Stickman - controls the tempo of the game and he uses the curved long stick. He also calls out the rolls and handles dice security.

Boxman - acts as supervisor, he watches all that happens in the game, approves bets and handles disputes that might come up

Dealers - there are always two. Their job is to take bets and watch out for the house and there own deals . It is my attempt to show in this review the basic of craps . I highly advise you to watch the game and read some good craps books and to play some free games online .

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