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Craps Supplies

When you have decided to play Craps, you will obviously need to know what all the items that are used to play are so that you know what to get. There are several supplies that go along with the game, some of them you might not even realize are needed for the game to be played correctly. Some of the various items include Dice Boats/Bowls, Dice Sticks, Dice, Craps Table or Table Layout, On/Off Puck, Buy/Lay Puck, Craps Table Rail Rubber, Table Brush, Chip Rack, and a Dice Balancing Caliper.

The Dice Boat - Sometimes also called the Dice Bowl, is a small wooden or plastic semi-circle shaped bowl in which the dice are placed when they are not being used.

The Dice Stick - Sometimes also called the Craps Stick is used by the Stick Man during the game. It is used to pull the dice back in after each throw of the dice. The use of this stick makes it easier to both gather the dice and to keep from disturbing any bets that may be on the table.

The Dice - A pivotal part of the game. The dice are small, cubed shaped and made of plastic (usually) that are numbered with dots from one to six. They are used as the main part of the game, with out them, you wouldn’t have anything to bet on!

Craps Table or Craps Table Layout - This is usually made of felt (whether the table top or just the layout) and has all of the sections needed to play a game of Craps. The layout should have across the top the Place Bet ( 4, 5, Six, 8, Nine and 10) area, followed to the right by the Don’t Come area and the Don’t Pass area. To the right of that and following the edge of the layout down and a little bit around, will be the Pass Line betting area. Directly below the Place Bets area is the Come Bet area, and below that is the Field Bets (for numbers 2, 3, 4, 9, 10, 11 and 12). On the right corner of that area is the Big 6 and Big 8 betting area and below the Field Bet area is the rest of the Don’t Pass betting area and then the rest of the Pass Line area. In the bottom left corner of the table you will find, first, the Hardway Bets ( pair of 3s at 9 to 1, pair of fours at 9 to 1, pair of 2s at 7 to 1, pair of 5s at 7 to 1) and below that the One Roll Bets (Any 7 at 4 to 1, Horn Bets {pair of 1s or 6s at 30 to 1 , a 1 and a 2 at 15 to 1 and a 6 and 5 at 15 to 1}, and Any Craps at 7 to 1.

The On/Off Puck - Small piece of circular plastic with “On” on one side and “Off” on the other that is used mostly for marking the Point.

The Buy/Lay Puck - Small piece of circular plastic with “Buy” and “Lay” written on it that is used for some of the bets in the game.

Crap Table Rail Rubber - The rubber lining around the inner walls of the Craps Table. The Table rubber is there to line the inside edges of the table, for the dice to bounce off of.

Table Brush - Oval shaped brush used to make sure the playing surface is cleared off all debris that could obstruct play.

Chip Racks - Used for the dealer and the players to store their chips in.

Dice Balancing Caliper - Used to make sure the dice are not unbalanced because that could affect the roll of the dice.

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