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A quick guide to craps is not a easy thing its almost like getting a high school education in 3 months. Ok here is my shot at the goal. Craps Strategy is a game of odds and trying to push the odds in your favor . In the game of Craps the best odds I think you will find are the pass, Don't Pass, Come, Don't Come, I have found this to be the best craps strategy to use. The biggest reason for this is it gives the house the lowest edge

The best bet that folks talk about that gives the house around a 1.41% edge, the numbers that I think is the best odds for you to shoot for, is the Pass Bet with the Don't Pass bet. This seems to give a slightly less number around 1.40% to the house edge. This is know as a Line Bet and this is the soul of a winning strategy, for I have found all the others give too much away.

Here's why I think so, the field gives a 5.6%, Big 6 and big 8 .1, for example the Horn runs 12.5%.

Some others are Craps 2 /Craps 12. - 13.9% offer 16.7% on any 7. If you are not lost maybe you see what I am talking about. The dice are all about the percentages and the craps are all about the dice

This means that smart money gives as little away as possible. With Pass Bet or Don't Pass Bet around 1.4% , the improvement of these bets and how to make them better is what this strategy is all about. Come and Don't Come, follow the same logic and odds. Let's go on to improving your bets. So, if the smart bets are the Come and Don't Come , Pass and Don't Pass, how are we to improve the buying odds when you Pass or laying odds when you Don't Pass. These are placed in addition to you first or initial bet after the come out roll. The reason behind this and why it improves you're initial bet is that the house takes no edge on the odds. All you are betting on then is the straight dice . This is a little known or hardly told fact in the game of craps . Do not think the casino will tell you of this, in the trade its known as the Hidden Bet.

Our online friends take the same approach, no Odds to be seen. No big thing, it's an easy bet to make and it will improve your original Line bet by almost half if the house you are playing lets you place the Odds Bet.. An Odds bet is made by supplementing your original Pass/Don't Pass bet by an additional amount, this is done after the Come Out Roll and is put right next to your first bet on the table .Vegas is typical for the house to restrict these bets to Single Odds, meaning you can match your Come Out Bet with an equal amount. Now the good news for online players is that the online casino lets you bet double your Line Bet. This is on your initial bet and is called Double Odds and it cuts their edge even more assuming you can handle the gaff. If so buy biggest odds you can find. Why you say, because the larger the odds bet the more you shave off the house edge on your initial bet

This is my craps strategy the way I see it -

Buying Double Odds ($10)

Pays (Win)

4 or 10
$30 ($20)

5 or 9
$25 ($15)

6 or 8
$22 ($12)

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