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Craps Shooter, Craps Dealers, Boxman and Stickman and Floorman

When playing Craps at a land based casino there are many people around the table besides players that you will see. It helps to know who those people are and what they are doing there, so that you know what is going on in your surroundings. The most important person at the table is the shooter, this is the person who the game is based around. They roll the dice and people bet on the way that they dice will land. He/she is a player but while they are shooting they are part of the game. Each shooter is only the shooter for one round of play, and then they pass the dice to the person on their left so they can begin their game.

There is also a Boxman at the table. He is responsible for the casinos money that is the person that you will see watching the stacks of chips in front of him. He also watches everything that goes on at the table and makes sure that game is being played fairly. The Boxman is the person that you go to, to change your cash into chips and to deal with any disputes that might come up during game play.

A Stickman is also at the table, he takes care of the dice. He moves them around the table with at flexible stick. When it is time for a new shooter, the stickman moves three pairs of dice with his stick towards the new shooter, the shooter chooses one pair and rolls them. After each roll the stickman moves the pair of dice back to the shooter for the next roll, they also announce the outcome of the roll.

There are two dealers at each Craps table, each one of them takes care of their end of the table. Basically their job is to pay off winning bets and to collect the losing bets from the table. They also make certain bets, most bets in Craps can be made by the player but some have to be made by the dealer like the Place Bets, Lay Bets and some Odds bets. If you desire to make a bet like this you place your chips on the layout and instruct the dealer how you want those bets to be placed. You may ask the dealer for advice on how to make a bet, or how to play the game.

The other person that you will see around your table is called the Floorman, he is there to make sure that everything goes smoothly at the table. That person will usually supervise one or more tables at a time, he is there checking out the players and giving the okay for credit for players. Knowing the jobs of each person at or around the table that you are playing gives you a better understanding of the game, so now if you need any help you know which person to go to for each type of problem.

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