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Craps Rules

Since many people who want to play great casino games consider Craps as too hard, but once you understand the rules of the game, you will realize how easy and fun it really is. There are rules that you must follow when you are at the casino, first of all as the player you must handle the dice with one hand, when you are shooting. After you have thrown the dice you have to make sure that they hit the walls at the other end of the table or your roll doesn’t count. The table itself is quite big and can fit up to 20 players, and each one of them get a chance to roll the dice. However if you don’t want a chance to roll the dice you can just bet on the thrower, and there are several different types of bets that you can make.

The first type of bet that you can make is on the first roll of the dice that is called the Come Out roll, this bet can only be made if the previous thrower failed to make a winning roll. If the shooter does not make a winning roll or his point, then the dice are given to the next player around the table. One of the bets that you can make on a game of Craps is called the Pass Line Bet, this is where you win if the dice land on a 7 or 11 on their first roll, if a point is rolled, and that same point has to be thrown before another 7 in order for you to win. You can also make what is called a Come Bet, it has the same basic rules of the Pass Line Bet, the only difference is that you can only make this bet after the point on the pass line has been decided. The Don’t Pass Line bet is the opposite of the Pass Line Bet, if the first roll of the dice is a 7 or 11 you lose and if it happens to land on a 2 or 3 you win, and a 12 means that you tie with the house. Now a Don’t Come Bet is the exactly opposite of the Come Bet, after the Come Point has been determined you win if it is a 2 or 3 and lost for a 7 or 11. If you happen to get a 12 you push with the house.

With all of the different types of bets that are available in this game you can stand to win a ton of money not to mention the fun and excitement that you can have. So you should not fall into the trap of thinking that this game is so hard, all you have to do is play it once and you will be hooked. If you follow all of the rules of the game you have the chance to have the best time of your life while you are winning money.

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