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Craps History

It is very interesting to know the history of the game that you are playing, this way you know if it has stood the test of time or whether it will be a fly by night game that is gone tomorrow. The history of Craps is so deep that you wouldn't imagine how far back this game actually goes. Dice are the oldest gambling tools in the world, they can be traced back to prehistoric times when fortune tellers would throw sacred arrows, or bones on the ground to predict the future in these times dice were not used as gambling devises.

Dice have gone through a long evolution stage with differences ranging from shape, size, form and the markings. Some of them were made of wood, stones, bones, animal teeth, horns, nutshells, seeds and finally to their present day shape and makeup which is cellulose. Dice and the games that involve them can be found all over the world, in fact many Roman Emperors, were devoted dice players it helped them pass the time. A very modern looking die was found that has been dated back to 600 B.C., this Egyptian discovery proves that this type of game has been around a lot longer than you thought.

As you can see the history of dice games, and dice goes back thousands of years, but the history of the modern game of Craps goes back only about a hundred years. In fact the direct predecessor of the game was an English game called Hazard, this is a game that was played by the soldiers in the Third Crusade. This game became very popular in New Orleans around 1800, and was turned into the Craps that we know today. After this the rules and the odds of the game changed many times, finally a man named John Winn brought this game into the present. By doing this he made is possible for Craps players to bet right and wrong. Not only did he make it possible for players to bet the way they wanted to he improved the layout and made a space for Don’t Pass Line Bets.

Finally in 1931 casino gambling became legal in Nevada, and Craps became popular all over the world. From then on casinos all over the world have not been able to have enough tables in their establishments, people go absolutely crazy with the level of excitement that comes from this game. Ever since this game has been available in casinos all over the world people have flocked to it, once you learn how to play this is the most exciting game you will ever play. You have the chance to make several different types of bets, and to possibly win a large amount of money. Don’t be afraid to try this game if you are a new comer, it is not as hard as it looks, once you play one time you will see that this is the best game that you will ever play.

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