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There are a lot of different terms that you need to learn when you are playing the game of Craps, once you know them understanding the game is so much easier. One of which is Boxcars, which means to have each one of the dice land on a 6. One of the most popular terms, that almost everyone has heard is Snake Eyes- this is when you are a two, the eyes part is because the two dots look like eyes and snake because they are bad for the shooter. Vigorish is the word used for the house edge or commission. The Come Out roll is a very important roll in the game of Craps because it is the opening of a new game. This roll decides the point for Pass and Don’t Pass Line Bets. To Seven Out means to have a seven thrown after a point has been determined and before repeating the point number, so the next player at the table becomes the shooter. The reason that you should know all about the terms of the Craps game is because this way you will have a head up on all of your competition, if you are in the middle of the game you will understand what the dealer and some other players are talking about.

These are some of the most popular terms that you will hear while playing the game, however there are other terms that are very helpful to know about and they will be explained for you below.

Back Line- this is another way to say Don’t Pass Line

Big Red- This is when you place a bet on Any Seven.

Buy Bet (Lay Bet) - when you give the house a commission to be paid correct odds for a place bet.

Cold Table- a cold table is a table where no or very few shooters are making their points.

A Stickman is someone who works for the casino that calls out the dice rolls and returns the dice to the shooter after each roll.

The House Edge- the advantage that the casino has over the player.

Hi-Lo Bet- a bet that the next roll of the dice will be either a 2 or 12.

Wrong Better- a player that bets that the dice will not pass, bets the shooter will not make the point.

Once you decide that you are going to play Craps, you need to read the rules so that you know how to play, and learning the terminology will just make the whole experience that much more fun. This can end up being the best gaming choice of your life if you just play it the right way and with all of the knowledge that you now have you will be one of the most winning players at the table. Now all you have left to do is go out and play at your favorite casino.

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