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Craps Fallacies

Lets start are look at the Craps Fallacies and other myths that is sold to the unthinking gamblers world wide. The web is full of folks trying to sell their systems with the promise of beating the casinos at their own game. These are games of luck and chance as long as you keep this in mind ,the better you will play and have a more enjoyable time doing it time while you are doing it.

The people who are pushing these Craps Fallacies are in my way of thinking are a kin to the snake oil barkers of old .It is my hope to convince you not to waste you time or money on the over promoted systems. What I have come to understand from my research on this matter is every time these fallacies are run through a computer simulation they fail totally, with this showing that the ratio of losses to money betting as flat betting. If you asked one of these systems people, they will normally say something like 'in the real world no one plays millions of trials in a casino', and that their fallacies will work in the real world not when it is run on a computer simulation ,or 'get real ... the computer is used to simulate a real problem in real life in every field of study, then why would it not work on the gambling systems. Now this is my view on the folks that push these systems . If it works so well for them then why tell the gambling fan about it. If I had the magic touch with one of these craps fallacies, I would keep it under my hat till I no longer was interested in playing. That way I could win until my hearts content, before everyone had my system and the casinos could not figure out away to stop me before I was ready to retire. Just think about it, if I had just a 1%edge I could turn a $1.000 in to $1.000.00 in 6 months to a year and keep on playing until I was very rich . Why give my competition my winning edge thus giving the world a heads up and put suspicion on me. Not to sound so much like a heal, this is human nature to give yourself the edge when you can

The fallacies of craps systems have been around for as long as the game itself .Just remember these people are trying to sell you something with the promise of gain , do not put your faith in any of the systems, these people are getting their payroll off you not the table. If you study these systems close you will see that most are rehashed versions of many different systems combined and sold as new ideas. My friends, you can see things for yourself read very closely when you are being sold a Craps fallacy

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