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Come Bet

Craps is one of the most exciting and profitable games you will find whether you are going to be playing in a land based casino or you are playing online. There are several bets that you should be aware of no matter where you are playing one of the most important of those bets is the Come Bet. This is a flat bet that is almost identical to the Pass Line Bet, the only difference between the two bets is that the Pass Line Bet is made before the point is established and the Come Bet is made anytime after the point is established. Remember that whenever a Come Bet is made first, the next roll is treated just like a come out roll for the pass line.

There is no difference from a Pass Line bet in how it wins, loses and establishes a point. Except for when the shooters point for the pass line bet is marked with a park, the come point for the come bet is marked by picking it up and placing it on the appropriate numbered point box. Therefore, you can say that this bet acts as its own marker puck, once this happens you are allowed to add a bet on the odds, which is made on top of the come bet and is slightly offset. When this happens it is known as taking the odds and is one of the best bets that you can make at the Craps table because the house pays if off at true odds.

Some of the time when many people look at the game of Craps they think that it is too hard for them to learn so they avoid playing it. But if you give it a chance and try it out you will see that that is the furthest from the truth, playing online craps gives you the chance to try to play the game for fun before you have to start betting money on it. This way you can learn what kinds of bets fit you the best and you can use trial and error until you figure out for sure what you are doing. This way when you do decide that you are ready to go in and play for real money you will be confident with your skills and knowledge of the game.

Once you do start to play whether it is for real money or for fun, you will notice how easy and fun the game actually is. The three bets that are the most common are the Come Bet, the Pass Line and the Don’t Pass Line Bet, when you are starting to play these are the bets that you are going to see the most, some of them are considered right bets and wrong bets. The right bets are considered the Pass Line Bets because you are betting with the shooter, and the Don’t Pass Line is a wrong bet because you are betting against the shooter.

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