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Citadel Commerce is a form of alternative payment methods that is being accepted by more and more online merchants. The Citadel Commerce Corporation is a privately owned company that has been incorporated in Canada. They have offices in various areas of Canada including their main offices in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. The company was created with the main purposes of detecting e-commerce fraud and providing payment processing services. They have one of the most technologically advanced , safe and secure payment processing systems that are available today.

Citadel Commerce’s payment system allows merchants’ customers to “write” (electronically) a personal check from any bank account that is based in a bank located in the United States or Canada. The checks are then electronically submitted into the Federal ACH Banking Network to be processed and posted.

It is quick and simple for customers to sign up for one of Citadel Commerce’s safe and secure accounts right from the Citadel website. All that needs to be done is for the customer to provide identification information as well as any pertinent bank information. One major point that should be known is that customers can only use the service at the computer that they signed up for Citadel from.

The convenient services provided by Citadel gives online merchants the ability to authorize, process and manage electronic check transactions from any computer that has access to the internet and a web browser. These Electronic Internet Checks give merchants the ability to accept and process electronic check payments from their very own website for a nominal (compared to other e-processing companies) fee and without the restrictions imposed by credit card companies. For the ever-growing number of consumers in both the United States and Canada who wither do not have or do not feel comfortable using credit cards on the internet, Citadel Commerce Electronic Internet Checks provides an easy to use payment method that doesn’t cause the hassle that credit cards can. Citadel Commerce’s encryption software takes care of both encrypting all data and sending it to Citadel’s secure server for posting. Their database automatically checks all RTN (Routing Numbers) for accuracy, and if for any reason, the information isn’t correct, the consumer is asked to fill out this information again so that the correct information is gathered. When this part of the process is done, the merchant will be notified of the transaction request and the consumer is sent the notice of approval for their purchase (which can be printed and used as a receipt). If the consumer’s account (for any reason) has insufficient funds, the merchant that the purchase is being made from will be automatically notified immediately and the electronic check recovery system begins the collection process, at no additional cost to the merchant. These transactions are usually completely settled within about 72 hours.

Citadel Commerce Corporation allows consumers to by online casino credits (chips) with the benefit of having those credits instantly credited to their casino account. Also, if the account is properly authorized, consumers can purchase up to $1,500 in casino credits every 7 days.

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