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Of the many payment options for online gambling, many people tend to overlook one of the easiest and safest of all. Checks. Checks are not necessarily the same old check you are used to writing at the grocery store. You don't need to write a physical
check to make your deposit, although you may. Online technology has come a long way with safe monetary transactions and this includes E Checks, the ability to withdraw or send money from your checking account to online merchants, and this includes online casinos, bingo and poker rooms.

Several online services such as Citadel Commerce and Telebuy make it an easier task to write checks to deposit funds into your gambling account. These services charge a small fee but handle everything for you in a safe and secure environment, making sure none of your personal information ever gets into the wrong hands.

At the casinos that accept checks as a payment or deposit option, you'll generally be required to have one or more of your checks clear your bank and the money be transferred successfully to the casino, before you are allowed to write more checks. This is one of the security measures that the casinos take in order to protect themselves and you as well.

You must have an active bank account in good standing to make your check deposit. Log into the casino and select the cashier button to be taken to the banking section of the casino. Select the method that suits your needs and follow the directions. In most cases the transaction takes only a few minutes. In some cases, as with first time users, the casino may require the funds to actually clear your bank before crediting your account.

As a second choice, there is always the good old standby of sending your personal check directly to the casino, but be aware that this method does take time depending on where the casino is located and also depending on the terms and conditions of your bank. Expect this type of deposit to take at least a week before the funds clear your bank account and your casino account to be credited.

If this is your preferred method for depositing funds into your casino account, check into some of the suggested online services as mentioned above, or seek out your own. These services tend to make the wait time much less and once you've established a good record of payment, you'll find that your transactions are accepted much quicker and with no hassle.

Anytime you write a check for any online or offline purchases, record these in your registry in order to keep your records up to date, or you could run into accounting problems later on.

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