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In the bet known as Place betting, you can do something called 'Buy Betting'. This bet will be your best thing when you are playing on the numbers that start out not being that great to be on, which is all of them, save the best two. Most people only do it on the 4 and 10 though. The bet is for the number that you pick out and goes at the number 7. It would serve well to learn how this part of the betting works so you can be prepared when you play the game! You will find the Buy bets are very easy to learn and understand. It is a simple thing to learn, and even simpler to understand-so making use of it will come almost naturally.

Whether or not you win will be determined based on the outcome of the roll when the shooter, or you, rolls the dice across the table. To win the bet, the number that you chose before hand must be landed on when the dice have finished rolling, if the number 7 comes up when they are done, then you will lose your bet. If any number besides those two comes up after the dice are rolled, then you will win nothing from your bet, but also you will not lose your bet. So then, the game continues and the dice are rolled once again.

The Buy bet is much like the Place, which it also ties in with, except for the fact that you are to pay 5% in an upfront payment for getting the true payoff odds, to the dealer. The amount you pay upfront is determined by the amount of your wager. You will be able to get back your payment by removing the bet before it has been won or lost. The payment that you give to the dealer is known commonly by the name of ‘Vig‘. The vig is basically a fraction of how much you put down as a wager. Sometimes, it will be rounded down and you'll have to pay a little less than what is really owed, others it will be rounded up. It all depends on whether the decimal amount is lower or equal to five. On occasion, you will come across a generous Casino that only requires you to pay to vig if you win the bet. This will lower the house advantage nicely and also improves the usefulness of the buy bet itself.

Buy bets can be turned ON or OFF at different times during the game by the player, at the beginning of the Come-out roll, they start out as OFF, but you can call them back ON. You will also be able to adjust your bets-remove, lower, or higher them. When you chose to make a buy bet, you are betting for the odds.

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