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( All Day ) Hardway Bets

In the game of Craps there are many different choices that you can make in the way of betting. There are a lot of popular bets that you can make, and most of those are the easiest ones to make so they are great for beginners. But there are also some bets that you rarely hear about or see people make because of the odds of them winning. One of these bets is called the All Day Hardway Bet. This is one of the bets that you have to ask the dealer to make for you. When you make this bet you are betting that the shooter will throw a specific number 4, 6, 8, or 10 and they have to be made the ‘Hardway’ hence the name.

The Hardway means that the dice have to add up to those certain numbers by making pairs, for example to make the winning 4 for this bet you have to have a pair of twos, to make the winning 6 you have to have a pair of threes, the winning 8 is a pair of fours, and the winning 10 is a pair of fives. All Day Hardway Bets can be made at any time during the game but it only becomes active after the Point has been made. You can bet on any of the numbers above not only one at a time, the bet remains on the table following a win but the player may take it off at any time, and it is removed from the table after a loss.

With the All Day Hardway Bets you must make sure to pay attention to the dice so you don’t reach for a win when you really didn’t win that wager. The payouts when you win this bet are very good, which is the main reason that people make the bet. For a Hardway 6 or 8 you get paid nine to one, and for a Hardway 4 or 10 you get paid seven to one. This is a one-roll bet, which means that with one roll of the dice you either win or lose. If you lose you can either re-bet this bet or bet on something else, and if you win you can choose to leave that bet on the table for the next round or take the bets off of the table.

All of the information above about the All Day Hardway Bets will help you understand how and why to make this bet but if you still have questions about the bet you should feel free to ask your dealer, it is their job to help you understand all of the bets on the table and to advise you about how to bet. As stated before this is just one of the many bets you can make while playing Craps, for all other types of bets, you can look into a great online casino or go online to find a Craps tutorial, you will be able to find everything that you need.

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